Welcome to the Family

Mister Woofington is a Brooklyn based dog walking company that aims to right the wrongs in the industry by creating a more personal, family orientated experience. We offer competitive rates and a superior customer experience through ethical and fair treatment of our walkers and a passion for offering the best dog walking experience. 

We Choose to be Great Instead of Big.


Paige LaHaie



Founded by former dog walker turned girl boss Paige LaHaie, Mister Woofington set out to create a better experience for dog walkers, dog owners, and of course, the dogs. Based on wrongs she set out to right in the dog walking industry, Paige founded Mister Woofington, built on the values of trust, transparency, and ethical, fair practices.


We value your dog as a part of our family

We invest heavily in our walkers to be able to offer a safer, more consistent experience than any other dog walking company. All of our walkers are insured and extensively trained, because if we wouldn't trust them with our dog, we wouldn't trust them with yours. Through returning to personal relationships we aim to counter the distance an app and screen creates, by focusing on real people with real passion for dogs. Join the family and see how big isn't always better.


No App, Just Real People.