Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mister Woofington?

Mister Woofington is a NYC based dog walking company that aims to right the wrongs in the industry by creating a more personal, family orientated experience.


What Makes Mister Woofington Different?

At Mister Woofington we intentionally don’t have an app, because we feel the screen creates distance and we want to return to personal relationships, with a business based on ethical and fair treatment of our walkers and a passion for offering the best dog walking experience.


What Services Does Mister Woofington Offer?

We offer private walks at 20, 30, 45, 60, and 90 minute time intervals. You can view our rates here. We also do puppy visits and cat visits.


Will my dog be walked alone or with other dogs?

We only do private walks with one dog to ensure they get the best experience possible.  The one exception is household walks, where one client owns more than one dog that needs walks. We offer a discounted rate for household walks.


Will I always have the same walker?

Yes! If you and your dog are comfortable with your walker you will always keep them. It is so important for you and your dog to feel comfortable with your walker so we invest heavily into taking good care of our walkers to insure that consistency.


How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards through our invoice system.


When will I be charged for my walk?

Upon completion of your walk we will send an invoice to your email.


What is your cancellation policy?

We accept cancellations up until 9 am on the day of your walk.


Do I get to meet my walker before the walk?

Yes! We offer a free meet & greet with your walker where you can meet them and ask any questions you might have about our services.


How can I ensure my dog is safe?

At Mister Woofington we hire less than 1% of walkers and go through an extensive hiring and training process through an online screening, phone interview, in person interview, and then in person training where we show our walkers proper walking technique, proper harnesses and collar use across a number of types, and how to deal with aggressive or shy dogs. Our mantra is, “If we wouldn’t trust them with our dog, we wouldn’t trust them with yours.”


Are you insured?

Yes! All of our walkers are insured to be sure you’re covered.


How do I know my dog has been walked?

On each walk our walkers will email or text images of your dog enjoying their walk, and upon completion we will send you a written update on how they did.


How do I give access to the walker?

Since each building has a different access and each client has different needs, we will work with you on finding the easiest and safest way to allow access for your walker.


How Do I Schedule a Walk?

You can schedule your first walk here, call us at 231-420-4924, or email us at


*If your question wasn't answered here you can call us at 231-420-4924 or email us at contact@misterwoofington anytime.